Monday, February 9, 2009

Emerging from the Shadows

Well, here I am, World. Again.

Perhaps my Facebook and Myspace addictions weren't large enough time-wasters. Perhaps my gargantuan ego was starving -- its voracious appetite only to be satiated by spewing more insignificant, incomprehensible gibberish about my life into the vast reaches of cyberspace, hoping to be heard and understood by someone, somewhere.

Or... maybe I just wanted to finally emerge from the murky shadows, where I've been lurking for months, blog-stalking all of you! I'll have you know, I've been faithfully reading all of your blogs, reveling in every little last detail you've been putting out there. I really do enjoy reading about your adventures, laughing at the latest witty quips from your kids, and just sharing in your lives -- albeit from a great distance away. It makes me feel closer to you, and slightly soothes my regret for not being a better pen pal. I just haven't been commenting on your blogs, because I haven't been a member of this fancy little blog-o-sphere......

.....Until now.

So, beware. I'm just going to warn you all up front -- I can be quite dull from time to time. In fact, please feel free to ignore me entirely. Just know that I'll be watching you! (Like that creepy pile of money with eyes in the latest Gieco ad campaign.)
And now, for something a little ridiculous...